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Standard Features:

    Bison System Includes:
  • The 1/4 Tub
  • 3' Rolling Door
  • 8' Adjustable Alley
  • Bison Squeeze Chute
  • 4' Rolling Door
  • System can be left or right
  • Optional Features:
  • Scale under Squeeze
  • Extra Alley Section


With the assistance of some of the largest bison producers in the Peace District of Alberta, Morand Industries has been able to: manufacture, field test, improve on a tub system that has no equal. This tub system, we call the 1/4 tub. Morand’s 1/4 Tub works on the principle that bison will always want to go back in the direction that they came from. Anybody who has experience with bison handling, knows this to be true!