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Maternity Pen
Calving Chute

Calving Chute

The Morand Calving Chute is the perfect product for use in small spaces or as a starter squeeze. Calving Chute comes standard with a wood floor. Available option is the shoulder holder and headgate.


Our Headgate features our unique roller system. "Often Copied But Never Matched".

Calving Chute

Calving Chute with Cage

The option to add on a Hoop and Palpatation Cage makes this unit an excellent starter Squeeze. Calving Chute is 3'x8'

Maternity Pen

Standard Features:

  • Maternity Pen: 10'x10', 7.6'tall 1350lbs
  • 5'9" panels, no animals over
  • Rail spacing - 7 1/4" - No heads through
  • Split Gates on both sides of the cow
  • Front Panel has escape gate for operator safety
  • Back gate is reversible
  • Optional Feature: Extra Side Exit
  • Optional Feature: 10'x12' Pen
  • Optional Feature: Reverse Pen
  • Optional Feature: 6'6" tall Pen


Morand Industries are the manufacturers of the BEST Maternity Pen available today. The Morand Maternity Pen uses the same excellent head gate that is used on the Heavy Duty Squeeze Chute. The head gate is removable so that it can be used elsewhere.