Horse Round Pen

Horse Round Pen

Standard Features:

  • 50' Circle
  • 19-8' Panels and 1-8' Overhead Gate
  • 15-10' Panels and 1-10' Overhead Gate
  • 6' Tall Panels
  • Add horse back latch to the overhead gate
  • Panels-1 1/2" Round tube
  • Gate Frame with 2 3/8" round tube
  • 7 rails with 8" spacing,


Available in 19-8' Panels or 15-10' Panels 6' tall panels, Morand Corral Panels feature , and drop-pin hookups. Heavy and sturdy, these panels are great for transporting as well as stationary placement. With horse and rider safety as the primary design goal, this round pen makes a great training and lunging tool. The 6’ tall panels are available in 8' and 10’ lengths, powder coated Morand green.

Panels sold separately if you prefer a larger circle

  • In January, 2011 my wife Lynn and I sailed with the Spirit of the West Cruise group which is sponsored by Morand Industries. At the end of ten delightful days aboard the Sapphire Princess I was the lucky winner of one of several generous credit certificates donated by Morand to be used for the purchase of their products. I have often thought that I might be able to accomplish more with my horses and maybe improve my own horsemanship skills if I had my own round pen so the decision to apply my prize against the purchase of a 50 foot Morand round pen was an easy one. I used the pen last summer primarily to work a couple of the greener members of our small string. I must say I was quite pleased with the results and I sure had fun doing it. The Morand round pen is well designed, strongly constructed and easy to assemble. The finish is attractive and, I believe, very durable. In short, it is an excellent product which would serve the needs of any horseman, whether professional or amateur, extremely well. The fine folks at Morand Industries were a pleasure to do business with.
    - Bill Craig Delburne, Alberta