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Morand Industries Cattle Chutes and Handling Equipment

Equipment You Can Count On,
Built with Your Safety in Mind!!

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Morand Cattle Squeeze Chute

Morand Cattle Squeeze Chute

The Morand Squeeze Chute conforms to the shape of the cow, this allows for more room where the cow is the biggest. The cow is centered and more comfortable in the squeeze. With the squeeze coming over the top and underneath the cow, it is restricted from jumping up, therefore, less tendancy to fall down. This chute has the Morand Original Shoulder Holder.

Shoulder Holder Squeeze Chute.

See a short video of the Morand squeeze chute with the Original Shoulder Holder in action as a couple of Ranch Gals work cattle.

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Patented Shoulder Holder Squeeze Chute.

Morand Cattle Squeeze with the Original Shoulder Holder

the Original Patented Shoulder Holder
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Shoulder Holder Squeeze Chute.

This Shoulder Holder, when activated,
immobilizes your cattle!

Excellent For:
* Neck Injections
* Ear Tags
* Implants
* Eye Exams
* Brisket Tagging

The workplace will be a lot SAFER
for you and your livestock.

Hydraulic Squeeze Features:

  • 10' long
  • 7 ' high
  • 37' wide
  • 3500lbs

Hydraulic Squeeze
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Morand hydraulic cattle squeeze

Morand Cattle Squeeze Shown shown here with a 2750 lb bull

Shown here with a 2750 lb bull
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Morand's unique roller system for the head gate catch

Morand's unique roller system
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Squeeze Chute Standard Features

  • Open range is 11" - 30"
  • Quick Adjust on the floor allows adjustments to be made with the cow in the squeeze
  • Headgate has no chains or cables to be stretched
  • Grease zirks on all collars for easy maintenance
  • Top side panels swing from each end of the squeeze, the center is removable to allow easy and complete access to the top of the cow
  • Bottom access panel is removable to allow full access to bottom of cow
  • Neck panels swing out to allow for neck injections
  • Rolling Door tailgate
  • Self catch headgate, is truly self-catching, properly set for the size of livestock being processed, operator will not need to work the handle of the headgate to catch the animal
  • Headgate is easily tripped to release animals, regardless of pressure on the neck gates
  • Squeeze is good for 450 lb calves to 2800 lb bulls

Optional Features:

  • Extra Side Exit
  • Scale mounted under squeeze
  • Portable trailer

Squeeze Chute Specifications:

    * 8' Long * 37" Wide * 7' Tall * 1760 lbs

Morand Calf Squeeze
with the Original Shoulder Holder

Calf Squeeze handles calves from 150 lbs - 800 lbs

  • squeezes from both sides
  • self catch head gate
  • side exit
  • Weighs 800lbs

Morand Calf Squeeze with the Original Shoulder Holder

Further information will continue to be added to our site,
to help choose the right product for you!

Toll Free: 1-800-582-4037

Local: 780-967-2500

Email: info@morandindustries.com

* Morand Industries have been manufacturing Squeezes (with shoulder holder), Maternity Pens, Loading Chutes (portable & stationary), Calf Squeezes, Scale Boxes, Sorting Y Alleys, Crowding Tubs, Palpation Cages, Rolling doors, Bale Feeders and a large assortment of gates and panels, for the last few decades, and are still expanding their product line to suit your needs. *

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