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Morand Industries Cattle Chutes and Handling Equipment

Equipment You Can Count On,
Built with Your Safety in Mind!!

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Morand Cattle Maternity Pen

Morand Cattle Maternity Pen

Additional Cattle Handling Equipment can be found on these pages ...

The Morand Maternity Pen uses the same excellent head gate that is used on the Heavy Duty Squeeze Chute. The head gate is removable so that it can be used elsewhere.

The Morand Maternity Pen is ideal to use for:

  • Pregnancy Checking
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Semen Checking
  • Clipping Chute
  • Sick Pen

This is an all around multi purpose unit.

Standard Features:

*10' x 10'   *7'6" Tall   *1350 lbs   *5'9" tall panels (no animals over)
*7 1/4" rail spacing (no heads through)   *Split Gates on both sides of the cow
*Back Gate is reversible   *Front Panel has an escape door for operator safety
*No Choke Headgate adjusts from 4" - 11"
allowing you to catch small calves up to mature bulls

Optional Features:

*Extra Exit on side opposite headgate   *10' x 12' Pen Available   *Reverse Pen Available
*6'6" tall pen available   *Maternity Pen Floors available   *Shoulder Catch Available

Morand Calving Chute

Morand Calving Chute
Morand Calving Chute 820 lbs

Morand Calving Chute Morand Calving Chute with hoop and Palpation Cage 110 lbs

The Morand Calving Chute offers all of the same standard features as the
Morand Maternity Pen and comes standard with a floor.
The Calving Chute is 3' x 8' so it is excellent for use in small spaces.
By adding a hoop and palpation cage, this unit can be used as an inexpensive starter squeeze.

Further information will continue to be added to our site,
to help choose the right product for you!

Toll Free: 1-800-582-4037

Local: 780-967-2500

Email: info@morandindustries.com

* Morand Industries have been manufacturing Squeezes (with shoulder holder), Maternity Pens, Loading Chutes (portable & stationary), Calf Squeezes, Scale Boxes, Sorting Y Alleys, Crowding Tubs, Palpation Cages, Rolling doors, Bale Feeders and a large assortment of gates and panels, for the last few decades, and are still expanding their product line to suit your needs. *

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