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Bison Components

10 ft Bison Sorting Panel

Morand’s Sorting Panel has been modified over the years to make processing bison easier, safer and be more effective. The Sorting Panel is part of your Lead Up Pen, (before the system) Having a few sections of the Lead Up Pens, in your system, help to sort animals more smoothly and keeps the animals at a calmer state.

Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for the videos showing the quickness and how to use the Sorting Panel. Also contact us for the full Bison Video of Larry Processing his animals.


Length: 10 ft long

Height: 7′ 6″ high

Materials used:

2 3/8’’ .125 wall

1.9’’ .125 wall

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4 ft Rolling Door & Lead Up Pen

8 ft Bison Adjustable Alley & 3 ft Rolling Door

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Bison Lead Up Pen

Includes 1-10 ft sorting panel and 2-12 ft heavy overhead.

Your pens can be modified by exchanging the 2- 12’ Heavy Panels to a 24’ Heavy Panel. By slightly changing the size your pens, gives you a more sturdy panel with less connection points.

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