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Heavy Gates & Panels

Secure Your Livestock with Strength and Reliability

Discover our range of durable gates and panels, designed for easy assembly and long-lasting performance in the toughest conditions.

Heavy Overhead Gates

Overhead Gates are used in your Lead up pens for your Cattle or Bison Systems.

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Heavy Gates

Use Heavy Gates anywhere that you need a gate. Driveway entrances to your farm, ranch, field, livestock pens, acreage, cottage, lake lot and more!

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Heavy Walk In Gates

Walk In Gates are used in your Lead up pens for your Cattle or Bison Systems.

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Heavy Panels

Heavy Panels are part of the lead up pens that connect to the cattle & bison systems. They can used in perimeter fencing for larger holding pens or in pressure areas ( smaller pens) to start processing the animals.

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Heavy Overhead Panels

Overhead Panels can be used in your Lead up pens for your Cattle or Bison Systems. Great option to have is to get 2 gates inside the 24 ft Panel.

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Feeder Panels

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Continuous Fence

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Morand’s Custom Ranch Gates

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My name is Cathie, and when we decided it was finally time to build ”Our Barn”, I did a lot of homework researching different stall fronts. I wanted my barn to be bright, spacious and welcoming. I got in contact with various stall front manufacturers, but I had a problem, I had designed our barn so we would utilize every square inch, this made it so none of my stall fronts were quite the same. I talked with Jamey from Morand Industries, and he was great! ‘No PROBLEM’, we can make that work, was his reply. The competitors had their sizes, and when I had to make changes, the price went through the roof. Jamey had to design two swinging gates within one panel for the end of my barn for foaling stalls, again, ‘NO PROBLEM’. I thought, great $$$ cha-ching but the price did not change. I faxed him the blue prints, and he gave me a quote. He told me to let him know when the barn was built in case we needed to change any measurements. Which we did change a few measurements … ‘NO PROBLEM’. Jamey had the stalls ready when he said they would be and delivered them in 14” of fresh snow … and WOW!!! Everyone who walks into our barn says WOW! The horses love it! It is a bright area, welcoming, and even better .. it’s safer and all the mechanical parts are fingertip light. Thanks Morand Industries and especially Jamey!! You made our barn dreams a reality, stayed on budget, on time and were so professional!

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Cathie Bruner

Evansburg, Alberta

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