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Livestock Systems

Tailoring Excellence: Specialized Livestock Handling Solutions

Explore our Custom Systems and Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes for Precision Livestock Management

Bison Systems

1/4 tub stationary bison system with 3' rolling door aand 8' adjustable alley

Our Bison Systems are designed to revolutionize the way you handle and manage Bison, offering advanced technology and durability for both portable and stationary configurations.

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Bison Squeeze Chute

Elevate your Bison handling operations with our Bison Squeeze Chute, featuring precision engineering and hydraulic options for a stress-free and efficient experience.

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Bison Components

Green bison alley with the Morand logo and lead up gates

Customize your Bison handling setup with our high-quality Bison Components, carefully crafted to enhance the functionality and versatility of your equipment.

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Loading Chutes

Portable steel bison loading chute that's painted green

Ensure smooth and efficient loading processes with our Loading Chutes, designed for safety and ease of use, providing a stress-free experience for both livestock and handlers.

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Cattle Systems

Explore our Cattle Systems designed to optimize your operations, offering a range of portable and stationary solutions to meet the diverse needs of cattle handling.

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Cattle Squeeze Chutes

Squeeze shown with scale and base

Prioritize safety and efficiency in your cattle handling operations with our Cattle Squeeze Chutes, featuring innovative design and functionality to make your workflow seamless.

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Cattle Components

Customize and upgrade your cattle handling equipment with our Cattle Components, ensuring durability and precision in every aspect of your operation.

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Maternity Products

Large green steel structure used to hold large livestock

Ensure the well-being of your expecting livestock with our Maternity Products, thoughtfully designed to provide a stress-free and comfortable environment during the crucial stages of pregnancy.

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Custom Systems

Unleash the power of customization with our Custom Systems, allowing you to design and build livestock handling solutions that perfectly fit your unique requirements.

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Hydraulic Squeeze

Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

Experience the next level of efficiency and control in livestock management with our Hydraulic Squeeze systems, providing a secure and stress-free environment for both handlers and livestock.

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Rodeo Equipment

Elevate your rodeo experience with our specialized Rodeo Equipment, including Bucking Chutes, Timed Event, and Stripping Chutes, designed for safety and excitement in every event.

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Ready to transform your livestock handling experience?

Dive into a world of precision and innovation with our Custom Systems and Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes. Whether you’re seeking tailor-made solutions or the efficiency of hydraulic power, our cutting-edge equipment ensures a seamless and stress-free livestock management experience. Discover the next level of excellence – explore our offerings and elevate your operations today. Contact us now to discuss your unique requirements and embark on a journey towards unparalleled livestock handling expertise.


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We purchased what I call a portable bison handling system from Larry which consisted of a number of sliding and swinging gates and 16 and 20 ft panels. The system can easily be dismantled and transported anywhere. We recently had 8 bison get out and eventually found them in a farmer’s field 10 miles away. With the assistance of the farmer utilizing his corrals we set up the panel system and were able to contain and load the animals and return them home. We would not have been able to facilitate the recovery without this steel system specifically built for bison. The system paid for itself first time out. This system was built by people that know bison.

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Garrett Bohn

Sandy Lake, Alberta

When we saw the Morand Ranch Gate at Farm Fair one year, we knew we had to have one. Larry delivered it right to our place and gave us all the information we needed to get it installed. Now it stands proudly at the entrance to our place and it is so well built that we know it will be here long after we’re gone. Morand Industries has been a valuable supporter of the livestock industry for a long time. Their equipment is solid, reliable, well designed and MADE IN ALBERTA. Handling systems versatile enough for goats and sheep and tough enough for buffalo.

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Hugh McLennan

McLennan Ranch, Pinantan, BC

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