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Comprehensive Range of Livestock Handling and Ranch Equipment

Morand Industries takes pride in their equipment and the safety of our customers; on both two & four legs!

We focus on your safety, and the safety of the animal! We have dealers located throughout North America and can find a local dealer to ship to most places.

We create and produce safe equipment that is:


Heavy Duty


Easy to Maintain

Easy to Use

Aesthetically Pleasing

Range of Our Offerings

Step into our expansive product section, where innovation meets quality in the world of livestock handling and beyond. Explore a wide range of equipment designed to cater to the unique needs of various industries, ensuring efficiency, safety, and durability.

Cattle Equipment

Discover our cutting-edge solutions for cattle handling, featuring the original patented Shoulder Holder Squeeze and Hydraulic Squeeze Chute. Our portable and stationary systems include Double Alleys with Transitions, Loading Chutes, and Maternity Products to streamline your operations.

Explore Cattle Solutions

Bison Equipment

Experience top-notch Bison handling with our Regular and Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes, available in both portable and stationary configurations. We provide equipment that ensures the well-being of your Bison while optimizing your workflow.

Discover Bison Handling Solutions

Equine Equipment

For the equestrian enthusiasts, explore our custom Box Stalls and Round Pens designed to provide comfort and safety for your horses. Our Equine Equipment combines functionality with a touch of customization to meet the unique needs of horse owners.

Explore Equine Comfort Solutions

Rodeo Equipment

Embrace the essence of the rodeo with our specialized equipment, including Bucking Chutes, Timed Event, and Stripping Chutes. Our Rodeo Equipment is designed to deliver a thrilling and secure experience, ensuring an exciting blend of performance and safety in every use.

Embrace Rodeo Excellence

Gate and Panels

Browse through our extensive selection of Gates and Panels, available in both light and heavy-duty options. From Walk-ins to Overheads, our collection is designed to meet your containment needs. Elevate your property’s aesthetic with our Custom Ranch and Estate Gates, combining functionality with a touch of elegance.

Discover Gate and Panel Solutions

Garden and Lawn Furniture

Transform your outdoor space with our Garden & Lawn Furniture collection. From Picnic Tables and Bleachers to Fire Pits and Swing Sets (Double Swing and Single Swing), our products are crafted with precision and style. Explore our Arbors and Custom Table and Seating options to create an inviting outdoor haven.

Enhance Outdoor Living

We are builders of quality livestock handling equipment, that is easy to use!

Please see the video filmed in 2002 for more information on the history of Morand Industries Ltd.


from our happy customers

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We purchased what I call a portable bison handling system from Larry which consisted of a number of sliding and swinging gates and 16 and 20 ft panels. The system can easily be dismantled and transported anywhere. We recently had 8 bison get out and eventually found them in a farmer’s field 10 miles away. With the assistance of the farmer utilizing his corrals we set up the panel system and were able to contain and load the animals and return them home. We would not have been able to facilitate the recovery without this steel system specifically built for bison. The system paid for itself first time out. This system was built by people that know bison.

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Garrett Bohn

Sandy Lake, Alberta

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