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Hydraulic Squeeze

Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

The hydraulic squeeze allows you to process your cattle on a larger scale in a safe and secure manner. This squeeze has similar features to our shoulder holder squeeze chute. Designed to be easy on the cattle, this chute offers a number of features that make it one of the safest chutes on the market for animal and operator. The sides are tapered and wider at the Belly to hold your animals rather than squish them. The floor is adjustable and the H doors easily come out for branding. Easy access door on side of squeeze for preg checking and semen testing. A single individual can control the head gate, tailgate and squeeze from one spot with minimal effort.


Length: 10′

Width: 37″

Height: 7 1/2′

Weight: 3500 lbs

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Portable Hydraulic Squeeze with Trailer

The Portable Trailer is available to transport your squeezes from one location to the next.

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