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Herringbone Pens

Morand’s Herringbone Pens allow you to pre-sort and stage your animals, to ensure the event moves smoothly without delays. These pens are installed between the holding pens and the Timed Event chute in the arena. Our pens have the ability to stage 5 steers, or 10 steers in the picture above.

Herringbone Pens can be custom built to the size or number you require.


frame is 2 3/8″ .125 wall

rails are 1.9’’ .083 wall 14 gauge tubing

gates on both ends, with spring load

panels connect with pins to the herringbone frame

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Roping Chutes

Morand’s Calf Roping Chute is designed to be as quiet as possible. This is important for the horses to hear the riders commands and not the banging of the head gates.

4 pins included.


Length: 7′

Width: 36″

Height: 5′

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Stripping Chutes

The Stripping Chute is used to help strip the rigging from the bull or bronc. Our chute includes a rolling door at each end with heavy duty rails between the doors.

4 pins are included.


Length: 8′

Width: 37″

Height: 7′

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Bucking Chutes

Bucking Chutes are available in a set of 3 or 6.


25′ long- each box 8′ long

Frame- 7’6″ tall

Side panels-6′ tall

Catwalk- 4’x8′ long, folding platform


Door Frame- 2 3/8″ .190 wall

Rails- 1.9″ .100 wall

Catwalk- 1 1/2″ sq. tubing frame with expanded metal floor

Sides- 2 3/8″ .125 wall

Skids-3″x8″ tubing

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Morand Industries Ltd is a proud supporter of Rodeo’s across Alberta.

Darwell Bull Bash 2022
Darwell Bull Bash 2022
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Stony Plain Kinsmen Rodeo 2022
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Grande Prairie Stompede

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