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Heavy Overhead Heavy Panels


Heavy Overhead Heavy Panels at Morand Industries Ltd are constructed of 1.9’’ .083 wall, 14 gauge material, and the frame is constructed out of 2 3/8’’ .125 wall.

Comes with two pins to connect to the next panel, overhead, walk in tub system etc.


Heavy Overhead Heavy Overheads can be stretched up to 10 ft tall with:

7 bar and 8 bar available.

The height of the frame is 7 ft 6 inch.

8-24 ft lengths available.

option to put in 2 gates inside the frame.

7 BAR – 7’6” TALL Standard Size

Length Weight (lbs) Quantity
8′ 195   Add To Quote
10′ 237   Add To Quote
12′ 270   Add To Quote
14′ 308   Add To Quote
16′ 342   Add To Quote
20′ 436   Add To Quote
24′ 522   Add To Quote
24′ w 2 gates 532   Add To Quote
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Heavy Overhead Heavy Panel Uses

Overhead Panels can be used in your Lead up pens for your Cattle or Bison Systems.

Great option to have is to get 2 gates inside the 24 ft Panel.

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